About Us

In 1997, Pastor and Police Chaplain Allen Eaton started a unique non-profit ministry to promote Chaplain Services to the first responder agencies of the northwest suburbs of Illinois. It was Chaplain Eaton’s vision to provide Emergency Response Chaplain services to officers in order that they would have a “safe” place to go for emotional and spiritual care for themselves as well as their families.

In 2014, Rev. Tim Perry became the new owner and President of NCCS and renamed the organization to represent the new vision, Nationwide Chaplain Services. Today, the vision of Nationwide Chaplain Services, (a 501c3) is to provide exceptional Emergency Response Chaplain Services by implementing a sound mission that supports the vision:

  1. Certification of Emergency Response Chaplain Services and Proficiency training
  2. Placement of Emergency Response Chaplain teams to deliver exceptional care of law enforcement, Fire, 911 Centers, Coroners.
  3. Crisis Counsel for Emergency Responders to include On-Scene crisis care, Critical Incident Stress Management services, and After Care to include counseling or discussions with Board Certified Counselors and or Chaplains.

In the course of conducting our duties, we also serve the communities when an untimely notification of death must be made, or when deaths happen in the home. In these cases, we provide on scene grief care, funeral arrangements, family and clergy notifications, and much more.

NCS also connects resources designed to provide humanitarian efforts to businesses, churches, schools, and public safety agencies such as Red Cross, Salvation Army, Women & Children Programs, Homeless Centers, and Psychological care.

To further advance NCS vision and mission, NCS President Rev. Tim Perry (below) has expanded his vision for this unique non-profit by embarking on a Nationwide footprint throughout the United States. We are continually seeking out the right people to carry the NCS torch throughout the U.S.

Vision Statement

To provide specialized Chaplain Services to Emergency Responder professionals, their families, and ultimately the community

Mission Statement

There are three main directives of the Nationwide Chaplain Services (NCS) mission:

    • Certify Emergency Response Chaplains for police, fire, and other emergency agencies and to provide ongoing training for proficiency
    • Place Emergency Response Chaplain teams into police, fire, and other emergency agencies in order to provide specialized Chaplain care
    • Provide effective Critical Incident Stress Management services to Emergency Response professionals, their families, and the community

Executive Bios

Rev. Timothy F. Perry, President


Tim Perry has enjoyed over 30 years of professional service in various leadership and management roles. He has served in Chaplain leadership roles for Corporate and Emergency Response agencies for ten years.

Tim began his understanding for first responders while employed with Motorola in 2007 where he was responsible for marketing the software for the Police Cars and 911 centers across the nation. Parallel to his role of improving the tools that Police, Fire, and Dispatch use on a daily basis was to understand the challenges of the Emergency Responder lifestyle at work and home.

While serving as a volunteer Police Chaplain and attending Rockbridge Seminary he knew that his heart beat around providing emotional wellness for the Emergency Responder’s and their families. He focused his studies on Biblical Counseling and Leadership, and soon graduated with a Masters of Arts. He has and continues to serve his church in strategic leadership roles, Preaching, and Biblical teaching roles to further the Gospel and promote purposeful living with Biblical boundaries.

Tim started his professional career in the United States Air Force where he served for 8 years, initially as an enlisted Air Traffic Controller and second, as a commissioned officer and aviator. In the third year of his position as an Air Traffic Controller, Tim was awarded an Air Force scholarship to attend the finest aviation institution in the country, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in beautiful Prescott Arizona. While at ERAU, he graduated ‘Deans List’ with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics.

Tim flew a Top-Secret mission called the Looking Glass which utilized KC/EC-135 Tankers from Offutt AFB in Omaha Nebraska serving what was known as the Strategic Air Command Headquarters (SAC). Tim had the great honor of representing our fighting forces in Riyadh Saudi Arabia in Desert Storm.

After an illustrious military aviation career, Tim soon set his sights on his next adventure in the civilian corporate world. Over the last 25 years, Tim has been focused on preparing and delivering management and leadership programs for Fortune 5 companies he has had the privilege of representing.

He has enjoyed many successful leadership and management roles in Human Resources, Business Development, Learning & Development, and Process & Project Management. Tim and his wife Laura, were married in 1995 and always celebrate the blessing of their daughter who lives in the southwest.

He believes that his business acumen, military experience, and proven successes in leadership and management compliment the challenging task at hand. His steadfast faith, knowledge, and experiences has guided him in his life journey to improve and even save the lives of Emergency Responders.